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Diflubenzuron - Anchor's

Keywords: Dimilin Diflubenzuron Lufenuron Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor for Argulus, Fish Lice Anchor Worm Ergasilus

What It Is: Diflubenzuron (Anchor's Away) is an easy to measure powder. It's an insect development inhibitor and chitin synthesis inhibitor.


What It's Good At: Anchors Away® eliminates Argulus (fish lice) and Lernea (anchor worm) from your ornamental aquacultural livestock (KOI) within a week at cold water temperatures, and much faster when water temperatures are in the seventies oF. Background: There are numerous IDI's on the market for use in various forms of livestock management. One such compound, LarvaDex® is used in animal feeds to stop the growth of maggots in the animal's dung. Others such as Program® are given to your dog and cat to stop the development of fleas. As it turns out, just about all the IDI's will stop the development of crustacean parasites in Koi and Goldfish


Pros: Non toxic to fish. Non-harmful to your beneficial filtration bacteria. No water changes are required. One dose is usually sufficient.

Look for analogs of much the same [if not identical] composition such as Super D, Dimilin, Express IDI and Program, as well as Anchors Away.

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