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Is It Crowding?

Keywords: Crowding - How Many Koi or Goldfish For the Pond or WaterGarden?

Crowding formula for Koi ponds - by Doc Johnson

Calculate the total volume of the system

Here's a formula:

Length (inches) x Depth (inches) x Width (inches) = Product

Divide that product by 231 to give volume.

Or for a cylinder: (Pi) x Radius2 (inches) x Depth (inches) gives a product.

Divide that product by 231 to give volume in gallons.

(Where pi = 3.1416)

Calculate the "inches of fish"

Inventory each fish, or derive an estimate, and add up the total inches of fish.


"One inch of fish per ten gallons of pond water will do well if adequately filtrated and small, regular water changes are done."

What This Means:

Well, this is true for the quarantine and hospital tanks. This is true for retail tanks. This is true, no matter if you believe it or not. Just like the laws of gravity.

"When fish are sick, nothing you do will work until you remedy a crowding scenario. You can reduce the stocking density to the above, or Mother Nature will do it for you."

Then, your treatments will start to work.

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