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Dimilin (diflubenzuron) For Argulus

Dimilin (diflubenzuron) For Argulus
Dimilin - by Doc Johnson

NOTE: Use of the name Dimilin has been frowned upon with regards to extralabel use on fish, by the manufacturer.

Crompton Corporation does not want you to use their agricultural Dimilin for the fish. They would prefer that agriultural Dimilin would be left out of the aquacultural literature but it's a little late now.

In recent years API has obtained the right to use the Dimilin® name to market a compound for fish that contains active Dimilin® and works just fine. You can get it in a liquid format at most places that sell pond fish supplies.

A couple of 'powder' form meds with Dimilin® effects and mode of action include Anchor's Away from Jungle Labs and Anchor Control from ADI.

Dimilin® is a trademarked brand name for diflubenzuron. Dimilin® / diflubenzuron is one of many "benzoylphenylurea compounds" which are not true-pesticides but are regarded as IDI (insect development inhibitors. Other compounds in this category include "Program", "LarvaDex", etc. The Crompton Corporation holds the rights to Dimilin®. They do not endorse, recognize or support the use of Dimilin® in any aquacultural application. They are litigious about it, this is within their rights and is no reflection on the company.

About Diflubenzuron and other benzoylphenylurea compounds:
Insect gyrase stops crustacean moulting, ends the life cycle of parasites you can see, like Anchor Worm and Fish Lice.

These parasites are cleared in 3-4 days at usual seasonal temperatures (Seventies DF).

Dose of 25W%: One gram per thousand gallons. Mix well in water, distribute evenly around pond. Many people use a plastic gallon jug and shake it well....(Hold the cap on).
Non toxic to filter, fish or plants
Will kill crayfish, dragonflies, etc.
Dimilins Cousin: Lufenuron
"Dimilin is not, and can not be, toxic to your fish at any dose. Even though it is not very well water soluble, it works like a charm." Doc Johnson

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